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competent and confident

eLearning to support

care providers

Learnici provides interactive and engaging eLearning for...

Agency, Home Care and Assisted Living

Adult and Retirement Communities

Long-Term Care and Nursing Homes

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Our curriculum and courses are carefully developed and reviewed by subject matter experts and are based on best practices and applicable legislative and regulatory requirements. Learners engage in interactive online education on industry-specific content that is meaningful and relevant to their position and work that they do.

At Learnici, we understand organizations’ learning challenges related to time, budget, and learner motivation. Our learning development team has experience in various positions including frontline, management, and adult education. We know employee education and learning transfer has a direct impact on outcomes for the person receiving care. 

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How is Learnici different?  Our course content...

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and delivery is designed based on adult learning principles.

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requires learners to demonstrate their learning as they move through the course.

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offers positive reinforcement, gentle cueing and re-direction built into every course.

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allows for more meaningful learning transfer in less time.

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features multimedia, relevant information and interactive exercises and simulations.

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tackles the industry's toughest challenges that staff face in their day to day work.

How is Learnici content delivered?

Your LMS

Learners access Learnici content via your LMS

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Learnici's LMS

Learnici provides a custom branded, full-featured LMS which hosts our content and your content

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Pay as you learn

Choose one or many courses from our library with no contracts

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In surveys, learners said they:


What are the results?

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