Think of Learnici as your Virtual Training Partner on your own LMS.

Transfering to Learnici's Learning Management System (LMS) and Communication Platform is easy:

Just supply us with a list, and we will set up your learners

We can transfer your current training records to Learnici

You will have a custom web address and site with your branding

Learnici provides ongoing support:

Have Learnici support your staff with tech support

Learnici can function as your virtual education coordinator

Learnici will assign and report on Mandatory Training curriculum for you

When using Learnici’s LMS, you can benefit by:

communicating via email or discussion  boards with all learners or specific groups

assigning education, training and content to specific groups

managing learners and their training

using the LMS to upload  unlimited policies and assign their review

easily share:

videos, PDFs, Word docs, PowerPoints, web links

accessing customized detailed reports that you can use as part of your planning efforts

tracking participation in:
web conferences, fire drills, WHMIS training, in-services, instructor-led sessions, other education, etc.

You can engage your learners by:

finding out what learners need or want through the built-in survey tool

having gamification​ (leaderboards, badges, prizes)

To make learning easier, learners can:

access learning anytime, anywhere, on any connected device

change the LMS interface to almost any language

have reminders of Learnici events synced with their personal calendar

With Learnici, you and your staff can achieve your goals related to training and quality-focused care.