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COVID-19 Training for Long-Term Care

Free training for our Heroes working in LTC

This engaging and interactive course is based on current IPAC and Ministry directives. It features active learning opportunities through simulations.

  • Relevant and concise information

  • Accessible on any device

  • Certificate of completion

The world has changed. Training needs to change.

While most industries have hit pause, health care has gone into hyper-drive. Long-Term Care and Home Care just got even busier. With temporary measures in place to streamline the on-boarding and training for staff, Learnici has aligned our LTC curriculum to meet Ministry requirements. As always, Learnici will co-manage the Annual Education with you!


  • Prioritized training topics assigned, followed up and reported on upon hire

  • Balance of required training topics assigned, followed up on and reported on prior to 3 months

  • Engaging interactive content that promotes active learning

  • Learnici partners with you to support compliance

​Learning Management System (LMS):

  • Robust, full-featured cloud-based LMS with 99% uptime

  • Custom branded for your organization

  • LMS comes complete with Learnici's Annual Education curriculum and the freedom to upload, assign and manage your own content

  • Enables multi-organization groupings (branches, departments, users, roles)

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Employee training just got easier!

Stop wasting effort and money on training that isn't getting the results you need.

Let's get started...

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Select the learning experience that is right for your organization

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Forward your list of learners and Learnici will do the rest!

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Employee training just got easier

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