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We help by creating the content and managing it with you or for you.

Health Care Service Plan options

Custom Designed eLearning


If you require content specific to your organization's needs we will develop effective, interactive and engaging training based on adult learning strategies and best practice.

The content would use your branding and be hosted on your website or your own LMS. Learnici could also host and manage the content.

Learnici LMS - Think of Learnici as your Training Coordinator on your LMS:


Training Coordinator - 

  • Assigns and tracks the Annual Education curriculum

  • Uploads and assigns your courses and policies for review

  • Provides regular custom reports

  • Helps you meet education compliance requirements

  • Functions as a virtual team member

Learning Management System (LMS) provides - 

  • Learner on-boarding

  • Ongoing learner management

  • Customer supported tech support

  • A web address and site with your branding

  • Gamification​ (leader boards, badges, prizes*)

         *(in cooperation with the Home / Corporation)

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Employee training just got easier

Please email or call to chat about how we can help!
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