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COVID-19 Training for Long-Term Care

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Employee training just got easier!

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Do you struggle training your people and do your people struggle with the training?

  • Is your industry highly regulated requiring mandatory training?

  • Is your onboarding process a drain on your resources?

  • Do you experience turnover as a result of ill prepared employees?

  • Are there inefficiencies resulting from inconsistent messaging?

  • Is your current training too general and lacking the key details of what you need your people to know?

  • Are you often behind or chasing people to complete training requirement?

  • Is your current training program costly, burdensome or lacking positive results?


Stop wasting effort and money on training that isn’t getting the results you need.

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We create organization and / or industry-specific, interactive, and gamified online training that engages your staff.

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We provide customized detailed reports that you can use as part of your planning efforts.

We help you share the important information and training that your people need to do their jobs better.

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Training is accessible anytime, anywhere, on any connected device.

Let's get started...

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Select the learning experience that is right for your organization

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Forward your list of learners and Learnici will do the rest!

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Employee training just got easier

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